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If your roof is in need of urgent repair, you have come to the right place. I am not a roofing contractor, but I have just finished replacing the roof on my home when the old one failed. The contractor I called in helped me to assess the condition of my old roof and to choose the right type of material to replace it with. He carried out the work quickly and kept me informed about what he was doing. I have learnt so much from the experience that I wanted to share my new found knowledge with the rest of the world.



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Roof Repair Advice

From Shabby To Stable: Revamp Your Roof With Professional Repair Services

Is your roof finally displaying the tell-tale signs of major wear and tear? Do you notice leaks or missing shingles that compromise the integrity of your home? It's time to consider revamping your roof with professional repair services. In Australia, where extreme weather conditions are common, ensuring a sturdy and well-maintained roof is crucial for the safety and longevity of your home. This article will explore the benefits of hiring professional roof repair services, detailing several key reasons why it's the best choice for transforming your shabby roof into a stable and reliable structure.

Reasons to Install Corrugated Metal Roofing on Your House

If you want your house to look attractive, pay attention to the roofing. Its material and colour will impact the kerb appeal. The roof also protects your home from weather extremes. While different materials are available, here are several reasons to opt for metal roofing. Endures Diverse Weather Made from corrugated metal, these roofs withstand the harsh conditions found in many parts of Australia. Metal endures the scorching sun without cracking and warping.

Metal Roof Replacement Tips

Do you intend to replace your metal roof? It could be that your current roof is damaged, or you wish to install a durable or more appealing roof. Below is a guide to help you replace the metal roof.  Initial Assessments Re-roofing is an opportunity to conduct other roofing repairs. Therefore, examine the roof to establish the need for maintenance work. For instance, you might opt to install new gutters or replace damaged trusses.

Three Cladding Options to Consider for Your Home

The cladding on your home's external walls will define its appearance. Some options, such as vinyl, can mimic other substances to create various looks. Or you could opt for a faux stone veneer to give a building character or metal for an edgy feel. Here's a rundown of these three options. Vinyl Vinyl cladding can emulate timber weatherboards, sandstone blocks, and other substances. The vinyl is moulded into the appropriate shape and pigmented with different colours.

Factors That Affect a Roof Replacement Cost

The cost of a roof replacement varies depending on the specific building and roof, so a general estimate is virtually impossible. Various factors, as explained below, affect the overall price. Read on to discover what may affect the cost of your roof replacement. Roof Complexity Naturally, the roof size is relevant as a larger roof will need more cladding, taking longer to assemble than a smaller one. The complexity of the roof shape also comes into play.

Looking for an Ideal Roof Material? 4 Reasons to Install a Colorbond Roof

Metallic roofs manufactured from Colorbond material have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. The popularity comes from the beauty, strength and durability of the material. Colorbond metallic roofs are preferred by many homeowners because they perform well in all kinds of weather. If you are looking for roofing materials but aren't sure the perfect option to choose, consider Colorbond. Here are the four top reasons to choose the material.

Issues That Homeowners Face with Flat Roofing That Will Need the Attention of a Roofer

The residential roofing industry has noticed a surge in demand for flat roofs since they offer a variety of advantages. Firstly, a flat roof provides your residence with additional space at the top of your house, and you can make use of this extra room in whichever way you want. For some people, this means placing their outdoor AC unit on the roof, more so if they do not have sufficient space in the backyard.

3 Top Tips for Choosing a Granny Kit Builder

A few years ago, granny flats were considered old-fashioned living quarters where grandparents stayed closer to loved ones. However, the perception has changed in the recent past, especially regarding multigenerational families. Today, granny flat kits have become the go-to solution for the average homeowner looking to add living space for growing teenagers affordably. You can choose from various granny flat kit builders, which is where the water gets murky. This article highlights tips for selecting the right granny kit builder.

Top Benefits Of Metal Roofing

The roof is your home's defence against the elements and also affects the appeal of your house; therefore, you should be very careful when choosing a roofing material for your home. Metal roofing is becoming a popular choice for Australian households. A majority of the newly constructed homes have metal roofs. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing metal roofing for your home. Durability There's a wide range of metal roofing options, including aluminium and galvanized steel.

3 Reasons to Consider Using Timber Wall Frames in Construction

Timber frames are one of the most popular construction methods in the country. Timber-frame buildings are designed with four major components. The studs are the bits of wood that are erected vertically, while the joists are laid horizontally to support the floors. After the frame is complete, the constructors install rafters to support the wall. They then finish off the structure with sheathing and siding. The sheathing connects the studs and holds them securely in place while the cladding covers the walls on the outer side of the house.

DIY or Let a Professional Handle Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement might seem like an easy task that a handyman can easily do. This might be true, but you need to know various things before you attempt your DIY skills: What Experience Do You Have? There are, of course, different types, materials and designs of roofing. Laying a sheet metal roof on timber trusses might not be that difficult for a handyman. The problem comes when you need to install tile or glass roofing in a particular design; you need to have the right skills and experience to correctly install tile and glass roofing.

Steps to Roof Restoration

Roof restoration activities are processes that are carried out on your roof to return it to its new-like condition. They can involve activities like cleaning, repair, application of coatings and treatments and replacement of parts or the whole roof. Here's what you need to know about the steps to roof restoration: Step One: Identification of the Need to Restore Your Roof Over time, your roof tends to get old; depending on the type of roof you have, you may notice signs of wear and tear.

Three Signs That Your Metal Roof Needs Repairs

Metal roofs are very popular in residential and commercial buildings. Their popularity comes from their durability and the fact that they are waterproof, snow easily slides off them and their maintenance is relatively easy. However, with time, even the best installed and properly maintained roof wears out. There is a point to which repairing the roof is a great idea. However, if the damage has reached a certain extent, replacing the roof might be the best option.

Why Colorbond Roofing Will Be a Great Replacement for Your Tile Roof

In the past few decades, metal roofing has become a staple for both commercial and residential roofing needs. And one type of metal that is making a splash in the roofing industry is colorbond! This roofing comprises steel sheets that have a colour already coated on them. It provides a vast range of advantages over regular tile roofing, and this is why more and more Australians are choosing this material when re-roofing their property or constructing a new roof for their building.

How to Tell if Your Shingle Roofing Needs Some Repair Work

Unlike some other aspects of your residence, it can be quite hard to discern whether your roofing is in need of repair until the damage has already been done. This is because, for some homeowners, their roof being out of sight also means that it will stay out of mind. However, not knowing if you need roof repairs can lead to the damage becoming exacerbated, which could translate into complete roof replacement.

Why You Should Make Your Building Sustainable With a Timber-Frame Roof

As a building material that dates back to the ancient periods, timber frames remain popular amongst modern homeowners. If you're due to install a new roof, you may wonder why you should opt for timber. Knowing more about the benefits can help you decide whether a timber-framed roof is right for you. Construction and erection times are often short Your timber frame manufacturer will probably conduct most of their construction activities away from your property.

Two situations in which you should call a roofer immediately

There are certain situations in which you should call a roofer immediately. Read on to find out what these situations are. Your home's gutters have sustained damage Whilst gutters are designed to be quite durable, they are far from indestructible and can break if subjected to heavy impact or extremely strong winds. If your home's gutters have broken because they were exposed to powerful winds during a storm or because they were struck with a heavy object, it is absolutely essential to arrange for a roofer who performs gutter repairs to fix the damaged section of the guttering as soon as possible.

The Daring Truss Design: Tips for Designing with Exposed Roof Trusses

Roof trusses have been used in the construction of homes for centuries to provide longitudinal support for a roof. Even with technology advancements in the manufacturing industry, roof trusses still remain true to their intended design principal. However, one thing has changed for these old timers – the use of exposed roof trusses in design. Beyond their basic function of providing the primary means of roof framing and support, roof trusses have increasingly gained popularity in design as aesthetically pleasing structures when left exposed.

Overcoming the 'Wait and See' Approach: Five Unexpected Risks of a Leaky Roof

If you're like most procrastinators, a home maintenance list can always be put off till later. The truth is, while some home issues can safely afford a 'wait and see' approach, water damage is serious business, and even the smallest leak can lead to unwarranted damage. If a change in colour on the ceiling paint or wrinkles on the plaster do not concern you enough, here are unexpected risks a leaky roof can cause if left unattended.

Shingle Bells: The Advantages Of Choosing Metal Tiles Over Traditional Tiles And Shingles For Your Roof

While tastes and fads in home design may come and go, some looks for your home will never go out of style. Just like real hardwood flooring and white bathroom suites, a roof covered with clay or stone tiles and shingles is one of these timeless visual accents, and a traditionally tiled roof can be enormously attractive to the new home builder or renovator.  Unfortunately, while these venerable roofing materials still have a lot going for them, clay and stone tiles can fall short when it comes to withstanding high winds and are hardly the most durable of roof coverings.

Handy Reminders to Avoid Roof Damage When Decorating For the Holidays

If you are one of those Aussies that is meticulous about spreading the Christmas spirit to every corner of your home, chances are you are geared up to install roof decorations too! And although these decorations do add a sense of holiday mood to your home, you should bear in mind that improper installation and lack of care during the process could lead to unnecessary repairs that you would have to contend with once the holiday season is over.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Roof From Water Damage

Water can be one of the most damaging threats to your home, and in particular, your roof may get water damaged. To protect your roof, there are multiple steps you should take. Check out these ideas. 1. Repair Damage When It Occurs After a windstorm or a similar weather event, check your roof for damage, and make sure to repair peeling, missing or broken roof tiles before the damage gets worse.

3 Interesting Facts about Metal Roofing for Your Home

Metal roofs have become popular for homeowners because they're long lasting (a well-installed roof may never need replacement) and fire resistant. In addition, they're lightweight, and this comes with some advantages. Most homeowners that use metal roofs install aluminium or steel roofs, as they are cheaper, but you can also use zinc, copper and other alloys. This article highlights three little-known facts about metal roofs in case you're considering them for your home.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When It Comes to Maintaining a Home's Roof

Maintaining your home's roof is very important, as water leaks can cause mould to grow in the home, which is damaging to the home's framework and to the health of everyone inside! A home's roof also holds up the structure and framework of the home, so that when the roof weakens, the home may tend to shift and settle. You may then see cracks in the walls, ceilings and floors of the home, as well as along the chimney or outside porches and steps.

2 Factors to Consider When Deciding to Schedule Non-Emergency Roof Repairs

The cost of roof repair or replacement isn't the same all-year-round. You may not be able to plan for emergency roof repair or replacement events, such as following a storm or leakages, but it is possible to schedule non-emergency repairs for periods that are cheaper and more convenient for you as a homeowner. In addition, your roofing material may restrict you to certain times of the year for replacement. This article discusses roof repair and replacement timings in detail.

Why Metal Roofing Would Be an Eco-Conscious Addition to Your Home

Not many people associate metal roofing with environmentally friendly construction, but the surprising reality is that it is one of the more eco-conscious options that you could consider for your residence. Couple this with the range of styles and colours that it is available in, this roofing also offers enhanced beauty for your property and thus, increased value. If you were planning on a roof replacement, read on to find out why metal roofing would be an eco-conscious addition to your home.

What You Need to Know About a Home's Guttering System

Your home's gutters may not seem very important, and you may not even think of them until they overflow or outright break, but gutters are actually critical to your home's overall structure and safety. Gutters direct rainwater from the roof to the home's downspouts, so that water doesn't run down the home's exterior walls or pool around the foundation. This protects the home from potential water damage, leaks, and other such major issues.

Re-Roofing With Tiles? Care Tips to Ensure Your Tile Roofing Lasts Decades

Tile roofing has become a popular choice among Australian homeowners looking to renew their roof. Tile roofs are primarily made of either clay or concrete, which are natural materials. This makes tile roofing a 'green' choice for homes. But eco-friendliness is not the only advantage that tile roofing has to offer. A tile roof can outlast many other roofing options available on the construction market today. However, the longevity of a tile roof depends on how well it is cared for and maintained.

Leaking Strata Roofing: 3 Possible Causes

If you live in a strata apartment, damage to the roof can have devastating consequences. If water leaks into your property, it can cause serious damage to your furnishings and belongings. Even if water does not actually enter your apartment, it can create very damp conditions which encourage the growth of mildew and mould. As well as smelling very unpleasant, mildew and mould can also trigger allergies and breathing problems. Moisture can also cause concrete walls to weaken, leading to structural damage.