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If your roof is in need of urgent repair, you have come to the right place. I am not a roofing contractor, but I have just finished replacing the roof on my home when the old one failed. The contractor I called in helped me to assess the condition of my old roof and to choose the right type of material to replace it with. He carried out the work quickly and kept me informed about what he was doing. I have learnt so much from the experience that I wanted to share my new found knowledge with the rest of the world.




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Roof Repair Advice


Three Signs That Your Metal Roof Needs Repairs

Metal roofs are very popular in residential and commercial buildings. Their popularity comes from their durability and the fact that they are waterproof, snow easily slides off them and their maintenance is relatively easy. However, with time, even the best installed and properly maintained roof wears out. There is a point to which repairing the roof is a great idea. However, if the damage has reached a certain extent, replacing the roof might be the best option.

Why Colorbond Roofing Will Be a Great Replacement for Your Tile Roof

In the past few decades, metal roofing has become a staple for both commercial and residential roofing needs. And one type of metal that is making a splash in the roofing industry is colorbond! This roofing comprises steel sheets that have a colour already coated on them. It provides a vast range of advantages over regular tile roofing, and this is why more and more Australians are choosing this material when re-roofing their property or constructing a new roof for their building.