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If your roof is in need of urgent repair, you have come to the right place. I am not a roofing contractor, but I have just finished replacing the roof on my home when the old one failed. The contractor I called in helped me to assess the condition of my old roof and to choose the right type of material to replace it with. He carried out the work quickly and kept me informed about what he was doing. I have learnt so much from the experience that I wanted to share my new found knowledge with the rest of the world.




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Roof Repair Advice

Why Colorbond Roofing Will Be a Great Replacement for Your Tile Roof

by Krin Rodriguez

In the past few decades, metal roofing has become a staple for both commercial and residential roofing needs. And one type of metal that is making a splash in the roofing industry is colorbond! This roofing comprises steel sheets that have a colour already coated on them. It provides a vast range of advantages over regular tile roofing, and this is why more and more Australians are choosing this material when re-roofing their property or constructing a new roof for their building. If you have an old tile roof and are deliberating on replacing it, read on for why colorbond will be a great solution for your needs.

Surprising strength

When some people think of metal roofing, they tend to picture flimsy supplies that will deteriorate at the smallest chance of damage. However, while colorbond is a lightweight material, the roofing structure that it provides will offer you surprising strength and durability. For starters, the colorbond can withstand high winds without becoming uprooted from your structure, which is unlike tiles that are bound to blow off at some point when exposed to gusts of wind. Secondly, colorbond sheets are corrosion-resistant, so you will not have to worry about premature abrasion. Tiles, on the other hand, are prone to chipping, cracking and other forms of structural damage that eventually lead to the need for repairs. If you do not want to engage in roof replacement in a couple of years, then colorbond will be a top choice for your roof replacement.

Minimal maintenance

Another reason why property owners are beginning to recognise colorbond as a leading roofing supply is the virtual lack of maintenance that this supply needs! Since colorbond offers unparalleled durability, it can fair well without hands-on upkeep. Due to its rust resistance, you will not be required to remove patches of rust or repaint the roof. Speaking of repainting, colorbond roofing is one of the types of metal roofs that never need to be re-finished during their lifetime. The colour of the sheets is baked onto the metal. Hence, there is no chance of the paint chipping and you footing the bill for the repainting of the roof!

Design adaptability

A misassumption some people have regarding metal roofs is that they may be durable but are not attractive. And while old metal roof designs were bland, colorbond is not! This material is available in a range of colours that you can match with your fascia and guttering to create a seamless roof design. Moreover, colorbond comes in a selection of profiles to suit the visual appeal you have for your property! Lastly, if your property is characterised by a minimalist design, the modern appeal of the colorbond roofing will add a contemporary touch to the entire premises!