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If your roof is in need of urgent repair, you have come to the right place. I am not a roofing contractor, but I have just finished replacing the roof on my home when the old one failed. The contractor I called in helped me to assess the condition of my old roof and to choose the right type of material to replace it with. He carried out the work quickly and kept me informed about what he was doing. I have learnt so much from the experience that I wanted to share my new found knowledge with the rest of the world.




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Roof Repair Advice

    The Daring Truss Design: Tips for Designing with Exposed Roof Trusses

    Roof trusses have been used in the construction of homes for centuries to provide longitudinal support for a roof. Even with technology advancements in the manufacturing industry, roof trusses still remain true to their intended design principal. However, one thing has changed for these old timers – the use of exposed roof trusses in design. Beyond their basic function of providing the primary means of roof framing and support, roof trusses have increasingly gained popularity in design as aesthetically pleasing structures when left exposed.

    Overcoming the 'Wait and See' Approach: Five Unexpected Risks of a Leaky Roof

    If you're like most procrastinators, a home maintenance list can always be put off till later. The truth is, while some home issues can safely afford a 'wait and see' approach, water damage is serious business, and even the smallest leak can lead to unwarranted damage. If a change in colour on the ceiling paint or wrinkles on the plaster do not concern you enough, here are unexpected risks a leaky roof can cause if left unattended.

    Shingle Bells: The Advantages Of Choosing Metal Tiles Over Traditional Tiles And Shingles For Your Roof

    While tastes and fads in home design may come and go, some looks for your home will never go out of style. Just like real hardwood flooring and white bathroom suites, a roof covered with clay or stone tiles and shingles is one of these timeless visual accents, and a traditionally tiled roof can be enormously attractive to the new home builder or renovator.  Unfortunately, while these venerable roofing materials still have a lot going for them, clay and stone tiles can fall short when it comes to withstanding high winds and are hardly the most durable of roof coverings.

    Handy Reminders to Avoid Roof Damage When Decorating For the Holidays

    If you are one of those Aussies that is meticulous about spreading the Christmas spirit to every corner of your home, chances are you are geared up to install roof decorations too! And although these decorations do add a sense of holiday mood to your home, you should bear in mind that improper installation and lack of care during the process could lead to unnecessary repairs that you would have to contend with once the holiday season is over.

    5 Tips for Protecting Your Roof From Water Damage

    Water can be one of the most damaging threats to your home, and in particular, your roof may get water damaged. To protect your roof, there are multiple steps you should take. Check out these ideas. 1. Repair Damage When It Occurs After a windstorm or a similar weather event, check your roof for damage, and make sure to repair peeling, missing or broken roof tiles before the damage gets worse.

    3 Interesting Facts about Metal Roofing for Your Home

    Metal roofs have become popular for homeowners because they're long lasting (a well-installed roof may never need replacement) and fire resistant. In addition, they're lightweight, and this comes with some advantages. Most homeowners that use metal roofs install aluminium or steel roofs, as they are cheaper, but you can also use zinc, copper and other alloys. This article highlights three little-known facts about metal roofs in case you're considering them for your home.

    Avoid These Common Mistakes When It Comes to Maintaining a Home's Roof

    Maintaining your home's roof is very important, as water leaks can cause mould to grow in the home, which is damaging to the home's framework and to the health of everyone inside! A home's roof also holds up the structure and framework of the home, so that when the roof weakens, the home may tend to shift and settle. You may then see cracks in the walls, ceilings and floors of the home, as well as along the chimney or outside porches and steps.

    2 Factors to Consider When Deciding to Schedule Non-Emergency Roof Repairs

    The cost of roof repair or replacement isn't the same all-year-round. You may not be able to plan for emergency roof repair or replacement events, such as following a storm or leakages, but it is possible to schedule non-emergency repairs for periods that are cheaper and more convenient for you as a homeowner. In addition, your roofing material may restrict you to certain times of the year for replacement. This article discusses roof repair and replacement timings in detail.